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Alvin Oliphant's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

OBITUARY OF SILOUS ALVIN “GOLDFINGER” OLIPHANT Silous Alvin “Goldfinger” “Gold” Oliphant was one of ten siblings born to Namon and Anna (Bostik) Oliphant on June 24, 1936. He had a gold standard in all he did. Silous earned his “gold,” title, not by the notorious gold tooth he sported, but by his skill achieved for not wanting to face his then young wife, Nola (Pierce) Oliphant, of twenty years, after having lost the milk money for his then infant daughter, Sharratt Diane Oliphant and son Anthony Oliphant. With such pressure, he would shoot pool till he won back the milk money and more. By the time Silous arrived in Trenton, he was a billiards/pool shark to become nicked--named, “Goldfinger.” Born in Wadley, Georgia, Silous attended school at Crossing Green. At an early age, he apprenticed as a brick mason for his uncle, David Oliphant, that would carry-on the historic legacy of George Washington Carver and the scholars of that time. Their mission was for African-americans to be self-sufficient, post slavery, through the building/construction/engineering trades taught in African-american colleges. David Oliphant’s entire immediate family worked to pay for him to attend college. Silous continued the legacy through the business formed by his wife, Nola Oliphant, where he and his brother Willie Oliphant employed many men from his community and taught them brick mason trade. Silous retired from his business continuing with his entrepreneurial mindset. He subscribed to the school of thought, as was passed on to him that, “one has to ‘create’ one’s own work (employment)”. Silous enjoyed playing checkers, hunting game, fishing, giving to others in need without making it known. He had wit, charm and a calm demeanor that gained him the respect and love of his family, friends, and community. He will be missed greatly. Silous is predeceased by his parents, Namon and Anna Oliphant; daughter, Sharratt Diane Oliphant; brothers: Jamanthas Lee Oliphant, Namon “Willis” Oliphant; sisters: Anna Freeman, Rosia Mickie. He leaves to mourn his passing and cherish his memory: His son, Anthony Wayne Oliphant; daughter, Vorcelia Tanya Oliphant Macher; Ex-wife, Nola Oliphant. Grandson, Jackeno A. Oliphant. Great-grandsons: Adrian Oliphant, King Oliphant. His sisters: Georgia R. Travis, Odessa Harris, Bobbie Tyler, Christine Moore Edna Fulton and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

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